Monday, August 31, 2009

Ten Minute Hooking Report

I got the hooking started on my Grasshopper rug. I tea-dyed some pink wool for skin, so I can't hook the face and hand yet until the wool dries, and I'm fulling some white wool for the breeches, so I can't hook them yet,either. I hooked the horse with directional hooking, so I'm going to try out anti-godlin hooking in the dust and dirt under the horse.


April DeConick said...

What is anti-godlin hooking?

Rughooker said...

Sorry to be so long in responding, April. I talked about anti-godlin hooking in my blog about Sauder Village, and I posted a couple photos there. It's the kind of hooking done in the old days, with the loops going in lots of different directions - just the opposite of loops lining up like soldiers.