Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm Back Again

I was just surprised to realize I haven't posted on this blog since last November. It's been a horrible winter for me, but I did get quite a bit of rug hooking done. My mother was bedridden all winter and passed away in February. I was allowed to visit for only two hours a day, when she was usually sleeping, so I set up a hoop that I could attach to her bedside table and carted a big bag of hooking with me each day. The last month or so I was working on Gene Shepherd's Double Cross pattern and my mother told me every day that it was just beautiful. I'm really going to miss that cheering section.

Anyway, I've been hooking that pattern with recycled sports coats for the crosses with a lightly colored mohair sort of background in the step part of the pattern. I like the crosses but dont' like the background colors, so I've put the rug aside while I decide what dark color to use instead. I may use black, although I probably don't have enough black wool, or I might use brown to go with the brown leather loveseat that will be placed next to it. I can't decide, mainly because brown just doesn't seem right.

While I'm debating that color problem, I'll get the whipping done on the Grasshopper rug - I got the edges all trimmed and ready for whipping last night, so I'll get started when I get down to the farm tonight.