Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy to be in 2013

2012 is one of those years that went by too fast and yet, I'm glad it's over.  I had a great trip to California where I was lucky to have a class with Elizabeth Black at Cambria Pines Rug Camp, and I took a second trip toward the end of the summer to Nova Scotia.  I stayed with Jo-Ann Harris and her daughter at Old Salt and had a wonderful time - but from there on, the year was not so good.  My knees were in terrible shape - I thought I had pulled ligaments and my doctor said it was osteoarthritis.  I started in physical therapy and my knees improved tremendously (so I think I was right since osteoarthritis would probably still hurt...) but I had to stop the p.t. early to have breast cancer surgery.  The surgery went well and I just finished radiation.  It was all a new experience for me - I found the entire medical experience to be positive and uplifting (this from a person who has frequently walked out of hospitals in fits of anger at neglected treatment). Who could figure that going through something nominally life threatening would put a lilt in my step and a smile on my face? 

I have neglected my hooking as much as I've neglected my blog.  I have two rugs started, one the dogs I started with Elizabeth Black, and one I won in an eBay auction to support the 2013 Biennial.  I took that rug to work on today at Thrums and Chums, but didn't get much done.

I've also been neglecting the antique shop, but spent some time there today.  I was going to post some interesting photos from the shop, but Blogger has changed since last I posted and I can't find a way to upload the photos.  I dislike it when things that were working easily are "improved" to become more complicated.