Thursday, March 08, 2012

I haven't given an update on Gibby for a long time. He's doing well. Fortunately, he has taken on the job of raising Gadget, and Gadget isn't an easy pup to raise. Gibby and I spend several hours every morning working together to turn Gadget into a decent dog - and it's very hard work. Gadget has had dozens of toys, but only one survives, the rest have been beaten up and chewed up by Gadge when she's in her divil dog moods. Poor Gibby either has armor for skin or he has tons of bruises hiding under his beautiful fur coat - Gadget bites him, leaps on him, and throws her toys at him. Once in a while, usually when she's chewing on his tail, he gives her a warning growl. She runs back and forth through the house and Gibby tries to keep up with her but quits after one run. She can recuperate with a ten second rest, Gibby needs a deep sleep. I am soooo glad to have Gibby, raising this wild puppy would be a disaster without him. I only have a chance to write this now because Gadge is busy chewing up a leash and my favorite white blanket - wait, that's MY blanket - STOP!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Working on the Lion

I've been spending every spare minute working on the Frost Lion. The lion is finally done and now I'm working on the grass under the lion - doing some antegodlin with 6s near the sky and ground boundary and 8s in the rest.

On Friday, I started working on the rug in my quilting group at the community center, ate lunch there, and then just moved my project into the large dining room so I could watch the life painters while they worked and get some hooking done - so, I hooked from 10 to 3, then moved to the store and hooked from 3:30 to 7:30 - wouldn't you think so much hooking would have filled up most of the pattern? I basically hooked an area that I could cover with my hand. I guess I'm a slow hooker.