Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rug Designing, Step 2

Last night, I arranged my cutouts in a row so I could decide if that was the way I should use them - and it is.
I traced them onto linen today and the pattern is now 15" x 70".

I put a horse at each end, one with a taller rider, the other with a shorter rider.

So, we have a horse on the left, followed by a tennis court with two tennis players. Then the two who are dressed up are standing on a stage - a stage at the YWCA - they are participating in a fashion show.

Then we have the field hockey players - both fullbacks (because that was my favorite position after I became convinced that I could never run fast enough to be effective on the forward line.)

The field hockey game is followed by the swim team - only two lanes in that pool though. One swimmer is doing the backstroke and the other is swimming freestyle. The rug ends then with the second horse and rider. I left enough room for a border, with a couple things dipping down into it. I think it won't be a straight-line border since each motif will be surrounded by appropriate landscape that can be odd shapes with a background color surrounding the landscape. If I do some dyeing, I may have the border be a darker version of the background. I think I'll color plan as I go along...


Nancy said...

Your figures all look great! I Like to colour plan as I go too!

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

Great idea. 70 inches! That's a lot of rug! Will look forward to your progress.


Miz T. said...

I loved your "junk mail" templates. I'm sure you will enjoy the memories of your friends that will emerge as you hook on your rug and think about them.

Rughooker said...

I really am enjoying thinking about the "old days" while I'm hooking on this rug - I am really glad we had a reunion last year. Seventy inches does seem long in theory, but if I hook a motif a day, I think it will go pretty fast, unless I get stuck on color planning.