Saturday, August 08, 2009

Planning a Grasshopper Rug

In June, I got together with some of my friends from elementary school. They came from New Hampshire, South Carolina, Texas, and Ann Arbor to spend an afternoon getting reacquainted in a display garden belonging to Michigan State University. From left to right in the photo above, they are Ann, Diane, Me, Sharyn, and Georgia. Patt and Jane and Barbara are missing.

When we were kids, we formed a group called the Society of Pedigreed Grasshoppers. None of us remember for sure why we chose that name - although I remember that it was Ann's idea when we were having a get together in her home. We all lived in Northwest Detroit. Our school, T. Dale Cooke Elementary, was just about in the middle of our neighborhood. There were eight of us altogether, and about five of us started kindergarten together. The others joined our class of eighty some students before eighth grade, the last grade in Cooke School. Seven of us spent all of our high school years at Redford High School, and one of our number travelled downtown for part of her high school years to be in a special Art curriculum, then she came back and we all graduated together from Redford.
Seven of us got together last year at a school reunion, only Patt was unable to come - it is a long trip from California. This year there were five of us. I want to make a rug featuring the Grasshoppers. I used one of those conversion programs to make this year's photos into line drawings and those drawings are kind of interesting, but I'm not sure they'd make a rug. I've also been thinking about using Deanne Fitzpatrick's Big Boned Women patterns in some way - but I haven't figured out how yet. Way back when, we did so many things together - we played field hockey, were on the swim team, tennis team, basketball team and went horseback riding weekly, plus we had our Grasshopper gatherings - I don't know whether to go far way back when or the mature adults we are now.

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