Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rug Designing

I made two failed attempts at getting my Grasshopper rug design started. Sometimes I can draw, and sometimes I can't. Today was a can't kind of day, so I switched to paper cut-outs, but I had the wrong kind of paper and I had too much of Deanne Fitzpatricks Big Boned Women in my head. I had to stop and put it all away. I was thinking I needed to go to the store and buy some of the right kind of paper - but 11:00 on a Saturday night is not a good time to go buy paper. So, I dug through the waste basket and pulled out some of the junk mail. I found some paper that felt better and started cutting.
One of the things we Grasshoppers did a lot of was ride horses - some of us took riding lessons one night a week and most of us went riding as often as we could at a public stable where we rented horses. After I earned my first paycheck teaching school, I went back to that public stable and bought two horses, Millard and Thunder. Had lots of adventures with them.
Some of the Grasshoppers were on our high school swimming team - Georgia swam back stroke and I swam freestyle, so I cut out two figures that could do either stroke - so, I'll have to have some water in the rug.

We also played tennis, so I have two tennis players that I'll put in white shirts and shorts.
Ann will definitely be one of the tennis players, as I remember, she was really good.

In the fall, we played field hockey, which I look back on now as my favorite sport.
I wasn't great at it, but I played all the way through high school, college, and graduate school.
I'll put these hockey players in gray and red uniforms for our high school colors.

We also did dress up things. When we graduated from Eighth Grade, we all had to wear nice dresses and high heels. For many of us, that was our first experience wobbling along in high heels as we walked across the stage.

So, now I have all of these figures to play with and I have to decide how to arrange them - maybe in a runner, with the figures side by side - or, maybe just a mish-mosh the way I have them on the table now. Of course, I could make six or eight horses, lots of tennis and field hockey players, etc. I don't have to stick to two of each, I made two because that's how I folded the paper. I'm going to go to bed and see if an arrangement comes to me magically in my sleep.

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