Tuesday, August 04, 2009

No Ten Minutes for a While

I made a foolish mistake tonight that will keep me from hooking for a while. I was going to cut up some cold chicken for a salad for dinner and somehow, I let the knife slide off of the chicken bone right into my finger and down to my bone. Owwweee, that really hurt.

When I wasn't able to stop the bleeding, I decided to head for Urgent Care, which is only about two miles away and is in the same office as my regular doctor. Unfortunately, it took a few minutes to explain to my mother that I was going, so I got there right at closing time - and they were closed. So, I thought I could get some butterfly band-aids at the grocery store. I had to keep mopping up the blood that kept dripping onto the grocery cart, so I bought a bag of frozen peas and wrapped that around my thumb. A twenty minute wait in the check-out line and the bleeding stopped.

I got a bag of first-aid stuff home, poured peroxide over the wound (because I'm reading a great book about growing up on an Iowa farm during the Great Depression and they used peroxide to "bubble out" the germs.) I taped the cut tightly together and then wrapped a bunch of stuff around my thumb to help me remember not to use it. I probably won't need the reminder right away because right now it's hurting enough to remind me. Anyway, I'm going to have to do my ten minute hooking on reading or writing about hooking - I do not want to get the bleeding started again by trying to hook.


Gayle said...

Ouch! Reminds me of the time I cut my hand with a brand new rotary cutter - NOT a fun experience! Hope you heal soon!

Rughooker said...

Thanks, Gayle - I wouldn't mind so much if I didn't need my thumb for hooking!

Jennifer Manuell said...

Hi Phyllis!

I hope your thumb is better today and that you haven't bumped it too much. Why is it never the baby finger - that one we could do without! ;-)

Thank you for your note. I added your blog to my list....