Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Ten Minute Challenge

I'm going to take on the Ten Minute Challenge posed on April Deconick's blog Red Jack Rugs To meet the challenge, all I have to do is hook for ten minutes a day. My understanding is that any rug hooking activity will count, and maybe that could be my monitoring of the activities on Rughookers and Rughookers Bulletin Board , but I think I will limit myself to actually hooking - maybe drawing a pattern or gathering wool might count, but not all of the other rug hooking activities that are always floating around in my mind, like the Rughookers Merit Program and reading the whole stack of antique rug hooking or hooking related books I've recently acquired (several by Dr. Grenfell and one about the history of Cheticamp, plus a few of the 1960s and 70s craft books that have only a few pages on hooking.)

My frame is all set up in the dining room. I had to put everything else away yesterday because we were having friends for dinner and I like to have small groups eat at the card table I use as a work table - my mother's cherry dining table is just too heavy to move and set up for just four people. This silly rug is still on the frame and I haven't done a thing with it for days - the ten minute challenge would push me to finish it and get on with some sort of planned rug.
So, many thanks to April for this challenge, I really like the idea of committing to ten minutes a day - why, I could be hooking right now!

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