Monday, September 14, 2009

Sky Instead of Background

I'm finally happy with my background choice - instead of background, I'm just continuing the pictures by adding sky and ground - letting those elements unite the different motifs. I also did some work on the YWCA fashion show. I changed the blue dress, gave it a gored skirt and more of a yoke. I still have to complete the stage. I'm not really sure it's a fashion show because what I keep on remembering about the Y is giving speeches and leading group meetings. I have tried to remember other things that we did, but nothing else comes to mind. I know we had a sister city in India, the city of Madras, and I think we raised money to help the people there, but I don't remember how we raised money.
Anyway, I'll surround the pictures in the rug with antique black - an uneven border, no straight lines.

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