Saturday, September 05, 2009

Grasshopper rug, Day 5

I finished the two field hockey players and wanted to get the grassy field done behind them, but too many things interferred. One interference is the need to make a decision about how to hook the grass - I can hook it in straight lines, either horizontal or vertical, or I can do it the anti-godlin way like the dress next door, or I supposed it could do it in waves or swoops. I think I'm leaning toward anti-godlin, I kind of enjoyed doing the dress that way.


April DeConick said...

Can you put up a post or direct me to somewhere to learn about anti-goblin hooking?

Rughooker said...

April, I posted the little I know about antigodlin hooking in an earlier post about my trip to Sauder this year. It's something June Mikoryak showed me hooked in rugs made by her students.