Monday, September 21, 2009

Rug Hooking with Varied Stitches

I finally started hooking some of my border, It's going to be hit or miss antique black with a worn out look - most of it gray now rather than black.

I'm hooking the border in straight lines, but those are just about the only rows of hooking done the normal way. For example, the horse is hooked with a little raised hooking - which doesn't show well in the photo, but the horses' rump is hooked higher than the legs, etc.

The hockey field is hooked anti-godlin style. That means the loops are hooked in all different directions - so they look like kernals of rice tossed into a bowl.

The skirt that was hooked with a gray, red, and white plaid was also hooked anti-godlin, while the blue skrt was hooked in wavy cornrows. The background was hooked in normal vertical rows with the loops generally locked together side by side.

The water in the swimming pool was also hooked with wavy cornrows, The contrast is apparent when the tile around the water is hooked in diagonal rows.

I think the wavy cornrows show up a little better in this photo. I think it gives some movement to the water. I like hooking with textured wools, but I also like creating more texture with the way the loops are treated.

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