Sunday, August 25, 2013

Old Salt, Blandford, Nova Scotia

I'm up early at Old Salt this morning, enjoying the sunrise and some toast made from homemade bread Hugh and Suzanne brought over yesterday.  They came to visit early in the morning, but I had already left to see them at the museum.  I took a wrong turn and ended up miles (well, kilometers) in the wrong direction before I turned around and actually got to the museum. I was able to do a lot of sightseeing and a little yard saleing along the way.  There were only a few small things that caught my eye and my wallet at the yard sales - I bought a set of Japanese dogs, an old children's book, and some earrings - all good stuff.

After my museum visit, I did some beachcombing.  I'm looking for the perfect stones to make handles for rug hooks.  I found some that feel right in my hand, but they are shale or slate or sandstone.  I really want granite, for the beauty and strength, so I'm putting more beachcombing on my schedule for today.

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