Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ferry to Tancook Island

Four of us took the ferry to Tancook Island today.  There was quite a bit of fog, but the ride was very smooth.
Little Tancook and Big Tancook are the islands I can see from my bedroom window at Old Salt.  We boarded the ferry at Chester.
The ferry went first to Little Tancook, then Big Tancook where we got off and walked to the local (and only) restaurant at the top of a hill that was steeper than it looks.
Suzanne and Sherry had fish chowder while Lucy and I were treated to the last two lobster sandwiches in the restaurant - very good lobster sandwiches.
When we returned to Chester, we went over to Suzanne's house to spend some time with Hugh - who knows more about the history involved with rug hooking than any person alive.  He is an energizer bunny when it comes to doing historical research, and he shared some of that with us today - too bad the day didn't hold more hours!
For the evening, Lucy Richard demonstrated her Wooly Mason Jar dye system.  By organizing an exact system of measurement, Lucy has taken complications out of dyeing.  If you can understand a color wheel with primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, you could become an expert swatch dyer using the Wooly Mason Jar System.  That was a pretty full day, so I'm off to bed!

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