Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Mystery

I stopped at my antique shop today. I was planning to serve onion soup for dinner and I wanted to get some soup bowls from the shop. I haven't been there for some time, usually now I only go if UPS has delivered a package there by mistake. I had the wrong key ring, so I didn't get the soup bowls, but I did find a big black plastic bag leaning against the front door. I glanced inside, saw that it was full of bags of wool, and put it in the car. I puzzled about the bag all the way home. I thought it had probably been left by a disenchanted or discouraged hooker, since bags of wool have appeared for those reasons in the past.
When I opened the bag at home, I found plastic bags full of wool, some cut, some not cut. There was a nice hoop, a pair of scissors, and a bag with a number of felted ball pin cushions.

There was no note, no explanation. There was an unfinished rooster rug, but that didn't offer any clues, other than it was hand-drawn and not a commercial pattern.
Then I found a real clue, that was even more confusing. If this bag belonged to Linda Smith, maybe it was just accidently left. Maybe it's a bag of ongoing projects, I can't imagine Linda Smith giving up hooking. It's not just a bag of leftover wool - there's some unused linen in the bag, too. It doesn't make any sense at all, I can't imagine Linda Smith giving up hooking - but it does make sense that this is her bag. The rooster would be one of hers, too - she gave me the chickens that started my revived interest in raising chickens. I think that was three or four years ago. I don't have her phone number and can't remember her husband's name, and Smith's are just too hard to find. I saw Linda last fall at the Webster Township Festival and haven't seen her since. I know where she lives, but don't know her teaching schedule this year - she teaches either morning or afternoon - I'll have to try and stop at her house sometime soon and find out what this bag means.

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