Friday, February 06, 2009

Good-bye Antique Shop

Well, the bad economy in Michigan is good luck for me. My neighbors at my store in the village of Hamburg have had an engineering/design business that was tied to the automotive companies. There just isn't enough business for them to survive, so Suzanne has decided she wants to open a shop - she used to have one quite a few years ago in the building that is now their home and his design business - so she wants to lease my building. I want to keep my studios upstairs (where on earth could I find a place to store twelve looms??) so she's going to lease the downstairs - which is still filled with my antique business. So she'll sell my antiques for me along with her hand-made items - and they'll clean-up and fix-up the building.

We walked through the building today and I realized there's still quite a bit of rug hooking inventory downstairs that I'll have to move upstairs, but only a few other things that I'd like to hang onto. What a huge relief! I have not liked leaving the building unprotected, and kids have broken in several times, but I just haven't allowed myself to worry about it. I had talked about selling the building, but this is no time to do that and I really didn't want to give it up, someday I won't be caring for my mother anymore and I'll want to have work to do - so, this way I can have my cake and eat it, too. I have a huge antique inventory, and I'll only get half of my list price for the items, but I wasn't even getting that half while everything was in there gathering dust - and this way, I won't have to pay for the utilities. This will be good for me and good for the whole village - and, anytime I can, I can reopen my rug hooking business.


Anonymous said...

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coinguyslady said...

12 looms!!!! I would love to have 1 loom and to learn to use it.Antiques to!! I want to come play at your place.All the things I love.

Rughooker said...

Thanks, Alan, I enjoyed seeing your blog. I'll have to find some time to read your archives.

Yes, coinguyslady, 12 floor looms and some more small and table looms. I taught rag rug weaving for some years after I opened my antique shop - rag rugs go really well with primitive antiques - but rug hooking pushed my weaving to the background. I was really lucky to have so many things I love all in one place, and then have my farm, too - but there just weren't enough hours in the day or days in the week to do everything!