Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Color change

Well, I decided I just couldn't stand the motif color on my swap mat, so I changed it. Reverse hooked and rehooked with a darker color. Looked at that for a while, and decided I just couldn't stand it - so, reverse hooked it again. Then I chose the shade of the same color that I had wanted to use in the first place, and now I like my little mat for the first time. I think I won't use it for the swap, though. I still want to come up with another design.

I recently acquired a metal sculpture and I think I want to use a drawing of it for my next design. It would be similar to the present mat, same basic motif, just a very different approach. The new one would be based on a sculpture from East India and the old one was based on a native American Indian talisman. The same subject has been important in two such diverse cultures, and in mine, too!

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