Monday, January 24, 2011

French Doors

My new french doors have been installed - well, sort-of installed, there's no hardware, trim or finishing touches yet, but the doors are there instead of the pseudo- plywood from the back of the cupboard that was donated to me through Freecycle Ann Arbor.
I have to keep boxes and chairs in front of the doors to keep Gibby from pushing them open, and I put one of my wool treasures - a gold wool blanket - at the bottom of the doors as a cold barrier. It's very cold here, been below zero all weekend, but I've still been able to keep the temperature of the house (well, three rooms) up in a livable range - french doors and wool blankets are on my list of the good things on earth.


April DeConick said...

Looks great Phyllis!

Teresa said...

The new doors look very nice. Yes, wool blankets and rugs come in very handy in winter. I've been known to be hopping from one braided rug to another in the kitchen on cold mornings.

leLoops said...

Love the new doors! Stay warm Phyllis.