Saturday, January 01, 2011

Felting Knitted Clogs

In Nova Scotia, I watched Marliss and Barb working on knitted/felted clogs and decided I wanted to make some for Christmas presents. They are easy to knit on size 13 needles with double strands of 100% wool worsted weight yarn. When the knitting is finished, the clogs are HUGE.

The clogs are then washed in hot water in a washing machine with a little soap - the felting usually shows up after about ten minutes of washing. Then the gift recipient takes the funny, slippery, soapy blobs of yarn out of the machine and sees for the first time that they might have received a real gift. Then, the clogs are checked every few minutes to see if they have reached the perfect custom fit.

The washing machine shouldn't be allowed to go into a spin cycle or the shape might be stretched out. The soap can be rinsed out of the clogs in cold water - something you wouldn't do if you weren't felting.

The clogs can be rolled in a towel to help with drying.

Then the clogs should be carefully shaped - when they are left to dry, they will retain the dried shape. I found that the yarn I used tended to become fuzzy and the fuzz could be patted down at this point.

Plastic bags inserted in the toes help to retain the "cloggy" shape while the clogs dry.

It's important to play with the shape while the clogs are still wet. It generally takes two or more days to dry. Once dry and worn for a while, they will conform to the wearer's feet and become left and right clogs. They can be washed in cold water like fine woolens and they can be re-felted if they stretch out after worn for a long time.
It was fun giving these as gifts because the gift giving was then followed by another visit to do the felting - sort of a two-party gift!


goodshepherd53 said...

That is a cool looking project. Surely he first pair shown did not end up green? More than one pair shown? GRS

Rughooker said...

Yes, Gene - three pairs in the photos - gray, pink, and green. The gray one is the only pair that hasn't been felted yet so I could have a pre-felted photo.

leLoops said...

How wonderful they look!

Teresa said...

These look sooooo comfy and soft. Bet they are nice on a cold winter's night!
Teresa in Lubbock

Gigi W said...

What pattern are these clogs knitted from.