Friday, April 23, 2010

Rugs Labelled and Ready to Go

I went to a quilting group today and sewed labels on the four rugs I've finished since last October. I'm going to take all of them to the SE Michigan Hook-in tomorrow. I guess I'm excited about going tomorrow - I'm all ready today. I steamed the rugs two days ago, ran roller tape over them yesterday to get rid of the dog hair, and labelled them today.

I even designed a new rug to work on at the hook-in. The rug I've been working on is too big to work on with all of those crowded tables. The one I'm going to start will fit on top of a little bench I've had waiting for months. I drew a row of horses out in the pasture - all facing away from the viewer. All well-built Quarter Horses. A row of big rumps. Makes me think of the Republican Senators who voted against the Health Care bill.

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Miccosukee said...

Would love to see your design. But please, don't insult our beloved quarterhorses by comparing them to those lard bricks. There is nothing pretty than a good apple-shaped QH butt.