Friday, April 09, 2010

Grasshopper Rug Done!

The Grasshopper Rug is finally done, all whipped and ready to steam - after I go over the back and adjust some loops that seem to have been pulled loose while I was carting the rug around to do the whipping.
The whipping is done over two folds of linen, folded upward. I keep thinking I should try Gene Shepherd's whipping technique, but my way goes so much faster - once I whip, I'm done, no sewing to do. The first rug I finished this way has been a dog rug for about two years now, requiring frequent vacuuming, and there's no problem at all with the edge.


Julie said...

Phyliss, I am so very sorry to hear that your Mother passed away. I haven't looked in on your blog in a while and just read your older posts.

My deepest condolences, dear friend.


Rughooker said...

Thankyou, Julie.
I was just glancing over older posts and saw your comment.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Phyliss. That rug looks so beautiful. It must have made from love. Very nice. I'm fond of collecting floor covers and rugs because of the chilly weather here in New York. I like putting thick ones near the fireplace during Holiday season, to add up some extra heat. But one of my favorites got some serious stains, so I contacted a local carpet cleaners on Long Island.
What about you sir, do you also do the cleaning on your rugs yourself? I try to clean and wash off the dirt myself sometimes. I started calling a couple of Long Island cleaning services when I noticed that my collection of carpets are piled up already.