Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two rugs finished

Last Saturday, I went to a Thrums and Chums meeting - the first one I've been able to attend in about a year. There were more people there than there were the last few times I was able to go, it was a nice group with lots of interesting rugs being hooked. I finished my Grasshopper rug, at least the hooking part. I'm not looking forward to doing the whipping.

To avoid whipping, I pulled out another rug, one that I hooked some time ago, and started hooking the frame - I thought I was all done, then decided tonight to add another row of hooking around the outer edge, it will be done soon. The pattern was given to me by a friend, the Santa and Rudolph from the Kopp book.

I haven't taken any photos yet, will post some when I do.