Monday, November 02, 2009

Sorry, Have Missed Blogging

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging. I've been busy running too and from the hospital and then to and from the nursing home aka "health center" and "rehab facility". Life has been pretty mixed up ever since my mother's fall. She was sent home from the first hospital without any treatment. She got worse while at home for four days, so the visiting nurse talked with the doctor and she was sent to another hospital - the city hospital instead of the small town hospital. Ten days in the second hospital with professionally sad, cocker-spaniel-eyed people suggesting each day my mother might not live through the day, and then another ten days in a rehab facility where she has been up and down, depending on which medication she's being given, and I no longer know one day from the next. Add in the undoing of Daylight Savings Time and I'm really confused. Anyway, I'm not doing dyeing for the duration (I didn't tell in my last report that I turned on the water to rinse my last batch of dyed wool and forgot to turn it off - it ran out of the sink for about an hour - flooded the kitchen, etc), and I've only been hooking a literal ten minutes each day. I missed my hooking time yesterday when I fell asleep eating a late dinner - but then I realized yesterday was Sunday so it was okay to not hook! At this rate, the frame around the outside of my Grasshopper rug is taking longer than the main part of the rug. I thought I'd have this rug done weeks ago.


Julie said...

Phyllis, you and your mother have been through so much of late and hopefully, things will get better.

As part of the medical community myself, I understand your frustration. It wasn't until I was a patient myself, that I ever fully understood what it was like to be on the "other side" of the gurney. I do now!

My thoughts are with you and take things a day at a time and most importantly, look after yourself too.

Rughooker said...

Thanks, Julie.
Thanks, Julie. My mother is at the best care facility we've found so far and yet they almost killed her last weekend. They had the oxygen tube tightened so tight around her throat she was choking and they just thought the choking was part of her illness (which is a fractured pelvis.) The staff changes so often there are many cracks for people to fall through.

April DeConick said...

My gosh Phyllis, this is terrible. My heart is with you and your mom. Try to take care of yourself. It is okay to leave the hospital an hour earlier and get some rest.