Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I was planning to do some natural dyeing today, but got involved in skimming through way too many rug hooking books to find the right recipe. I have some blue-green algae that should make a good color - but I don't remember what color, and I don't remember what I'm supposed to do to draw out the color. I think I'm supposed to soak the algae in ammonia - or something similar.

Right now the algae is soaking in rain water. The rainwater has picked up some color from something, it's a rich brown color - I hope that isn't what the algae will do, there are just too many easier ways to get a nice brown.

Soaking in the rain water seems to have really fed the algae, it popped up and away from the fallen branch its been growing on, and it was easy to pop it off the branch and into a jar.

You can see I'm a little scattered - trying to care for my mother while blogging sometimes makes me as confused as my mother is right now - so, I posted the same photo twice and can't find a way to delete the photo. Can anyone out there tell me how to delete an unwanted photo?


Julie said...

I understand that you would rather have your mom at home. It is better for her to get tender loving care from you.

I just had lunch with Mom. She is heading back home on Sunday and I have enjoyed everyday of her visit. Even the days she still thinks I am only 10!

Glad you are having some rughooking time and can't wait to see your progress and dying!

April DeConick said...

Just click on the photo and then hit your backspace or delete button on your keyboard.