Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Dyeing Antique Black Again

The last time I dyed antique black, I really didn't get what I wanted. That batch turned out to be a smoky gray and I've been using it anyway, but, late last night, I decided I just couldn't go on with it. I simmered up another batch of the same tweeds and plaids and this time, added the collar from a black jacket, the black lining from the jacket, and the black lining from a black and white jumper. That batch became very black wool. When I'm cutting the strips, I rarely see any of the original colors peeking through, so I simmered up another batch this morning. I used the same black collar and same black linings as my sources for black dye. This batch is again dark, but it's a little more blue than black. I'll mix the black and blue/black and probably reverse hook all of the smoky gray that I've already hooked.

I guess the dyeing and strip cutting will count as my ten minute hooking. I really haven't hooked at all today and it feels kind of funny. Instead of hooking, I took my new boat out on a lake - but I'm going to write about that on my Gibbydogblog - where I'll tell the story about my little boat becoming a rescue boat.

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April DeConick said...

Neat idea for getting black.