Friday, July 27, 2012

Family Tree Addition
This link leads to a page that shows the home of Judge A. G. Otis, of Atchison, Kansas, maternal grandfather of Amelia Earhart (her mother was Amelia Otis Earhart).  Amelia grew up in this home.

I haven't posted my family tree here on Blogger, but accidentally found a surprise addition and the source for the photo wouldn't let me save it in my documents, so I saved it here.

I had chosen a book from the collection at my store, planning to see what repairs were needed, and the book opened to a page of photographs of "Popular Heroes of the Spanish-American War".  One of those heroes was Major General Elwell Stephen Otis.  While perusing his bio on Wikipedia, I found a curious link to Amelia Earhart.  I had never suspected she was an Otis, but maybe I should have, given how her strong deterined personality is similar to so many of the early Otises.  Many of the early Otis women were feminists, even before that word was part of the language, and Amelia Earhart fits right in with them.

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Vickey Brickle-Macky said...

Interesting. My faternal grandmother was also related to Amelia. She was born Louise Fernow--I think that's how it is spelt. She and her brother Oscar were from Alysaic-Lorrine on the French/Germany border. She married William Owen McIntosh, who was born in Okalhoma Territory and lived around Coffeeville, Kansas where my great grandfater was a sherrif inthelate 1890s. They had 4 sons the 3rd was my dad. I think Amelia might have been a cousin to my grandmother.
Vickey in SC