Thursday, February 10, 2011

More George

George is the sweetest dog. He's half border collie and half gordon setter - I think he inherited intelligence from the first breed and gentleness from the second. He's thirteen years old and not going to have another birthday. When we moved into my mother's home, she claimed him as her own. When we visited her in a number of different nursing homes, George was always a welcome visitor - sometimes other residents wanted to pet him so much it took forever to get him down a hallway.

He's had a pretty decent life - when he first came to me as a puppy, I thought he'd be a small dog so I cuddled him in my lap and ignored his great big paws until my lap wasn't big enough to hold him. The photo above was taken last spring when he'd been shaved to make it easier to treat a skin problem - I'm glad his long hair has grown back. Unfortunately, he's been growing more than hair. I wish I could put him in my lap now.


Mr. Taylor said...

Hugs to you...big hugs.

Miccosukee said...

In my next life, may I come back as one of your dogs, Phyllis? I know there could be no place where I could be more loved and cared for.

I lost my Frieda in November and have her ashes with me along with those of the last Airedale I will ever be able to own, Dreyfus.

Our hearts are with you,
Trisha, Dottie, the PWC and Jake, the Holsteiner.