Sunday, May 23, 2010

Historic Tour of Howell, MI

Today was exhausting - I went with some friends on a tour of the lofts and vaults and normally inaccessible nooks and crannies in the old buildings in our county seat. We saw some surprising loft apartments, stood in a beneath-the-sidewalk produce storage vault, saw a huge wooden log and wheel pulley that was used to haul pianos up to a third floor where they were repaired, visited a winery where a tunnel,large enough to drive a team of horses under the road had been walled off. We climbed stairs up and down all over town - I haven't climbed so many stairs since I went to Beijing ten years ago. The buildings were built between 1838 and about 1880. Some were brick and stone replacements for early wooden buildings - especially the Presbyterian church - a building large enough to be appropriate in New York City, supported by a congregation of 500. I came home planning to steam my bench rug, but my legs were finished for the day - it took a three hour nap to get me in shape to go to the farm. I may go back soon and take my camera - there were some architectural details that would be nice in rugs someday.

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