Monday, December 31, 2007

A Happy 2008 to Everyone!

I am going to make a New Years resolution: I will finish my dog rug!

I started the dog rug at Sauder Village in 2006 and have been completely frustrated by the sky and water ever since. When I visualized the rug, I saw a pinky/red sun setting on a distant horizon where the water meets the sky. I hooked the rug half a dozen times with different colors, different cuts, etc. and didn't like any of them. I have hooked the sky so many times I am afraid the linen is worn out - I don't like the sky I have now but I don't think I dare take it out. I resolve to finish the sky and then do the water - and, like them or not, I resolve to leave them in. In fact, since I did my partying last night, I am going to stay quietly at home on New Year's Eve - maybe I'll hook the water in tonight.

Great hooking to everyone in 2008!!

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